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Peppermint sabotage by Motol
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[CM] Persona 4: Stuffing yourself all night. by Motol
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[CM] Persona 4: Stuffing yourself all night. :iconmotol:Motol 54 10
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Dragon Wife Chronicles Character Sheet: Erika
Erika Givani
Height: 4ft 5in (measuring from top of human head to bottom of human waist) 18ft 8in (measuring from top of human head to end of snake tail) 5ft 10in (human form)
Weight: 500lbs (Lamia form) 245 (human form)
Bust: 36G
Waist: 65cm
Hip: 96cm
skin and scale color: Light grey, shades of black and grey.
hair color: platinum blonde
eye color: Black and grey (Lamia form) misty grey (Human form)
birth date: November 15th
gender: Female
age: 19
species: Lamia (based off of the black mamba)
orientation: bisexual
Marital status: Single (Crushing on a certain huge buff Oni/Yaoguai half breed)
Likes: shiny trinkets, music, her staggering kleptomania, seclusion, hallucinogenics, stealing, playing piano, making a certain red dragon girl bigger than her, silence, reading
Dislikes: Loud noise, obnoxious behavior, other thieves, cheap items, insomnia, the cold
:iconmotol:Motol 11 0
Dragon Wife Chronicles character sheet: Hinchada
Hinchada Cazadora
Height: 5ft 5in
weight: 220lbs
weight when angered: varies, maximum of nearly 400lbs
Bust: 34F
Waist: 60cm
Hip: 95cm
skin color: light brown with dark brown spots. Green outlines on the spots.
Hair color: black
eye color: lime green
birth date: June 12th
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Species: rana-kin, the ancient frog people tribals of south america
Orientation: Straight, always hit on by male rana-kin for her size and potential child birth rate, rumored to have drowned, maimed, bitten, murdered, and eaten whole her suitors that angered her.
Marital Status: Married to relaxing in the mud and the thrill of the hunt. In other words, absolutely uninterested in other rana-kin.
Likes: Hunting, eating, digging in the mud to hide, swimming, painting with her hands, worshiping Rana-kin gods, weaponizing jungle animals
Dislikes: Male Rana-kin desperate for he
:iconmotol:Motol 17 9
OC-tober: Troy Sinclair (Pokemon Trainer OC)
Troy “Hunter” Sinclair:
Weight/build: Average. Troy weighs roughly in the low 200s usually not too scrawny or too chubby. He eats what he wants when he wants, not adhering to any diet or workout routine. However his line of work keeps him on his toes and keeps him from slipping up on his figure.
Physical features of note: Scarred up right arm after being bitten by his pet totodile when he first adopted him. A scar over his left cheek after being abducted by team galactic.
Height: 5’10
Hair color/style: Long and spiky red hair that reaches to the bottom of his neck. Most of his upper hair is usually covered by his dark blue bowler hat that has an “ace of diamonds” card tucked into its band.
Eye color: Dark blue
Outfit: His long blue and long sleeved jacket usually is unbuttoned and untucked. The long ends of the jacket reach below his hips. The large dark blue jacket matches his trousers which he wears with a black leather belt which is tucked over his grey
:iconmotol:Motol 3 2
OC-tober: Kamen Rider Pangea.
Kamen Rider Pangea
Main Characters:
Daichi Kaseki: The main hero of the story, Daichi was born from the genius of professor Yuuma Kaseki. Born as the true and only working product of the "Dandy Digi Dinos" game project, Daichi is the main hero and Kamen Rider Pangea. Daichi was created and born from an AI which was adapted from the fang of a dinosaur fossil through a project started by professor Kaseki. Daichi is an android which houses the intelligence born from the tooth. Conflicted about his own existence Daichi constantly struggles what it means to be human, always being brash and sometimes maybe even savage thinking that he himself is the last living dinosaur on earth. Human in appearance due to the body made for him, Daichi always is awkward when attempting to fit into human society but he's seen as a world wide scientific breakthrough by some but also seen as a monstrosity by others who claim professor Kaseki is "playing god" with extinct species and turning their essence into a
:iconmotol:Motol 3 2
Mature content
Daisy's Pudgy Princess Panic :iconmotol:Motol 15 5
We Shall Become One With Each Other by Motol We Shall Become One With Each Other :iconmotol:Motol 42 2 Dragon Wife Chronicles Chapter 4 by Motol
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Dragon Wife Chronicles Chapter 4 :iconmotol:Motol 4 6
Dragon Wife Chronicles Chapter 3 by Motol
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Dragon Wife Chronicles Chapter 3 :iconmotol:Motol 5 1
Don't feed the birds by Motol
Mature content
Don't feed the birds :iconmotol:Motol 23 6
Mature content
[Collab] Science Experiment of the blue kind :iconmotol:Motol 38 4
Read my silly fetish fuel stuff and sometimes every now and then not very fetish fuel stuff. Home of Dragon Wife Chronicles, the monster girl adventure story read by a hand full of people.

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Bouncy Balloon Bed! by alorok
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Bouncy Balloon Bed! :iconalorok:alorok 56 10
Boom Balloon by Nesevo
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Boom Balloon :iconnesevo:Nesevo 21 2
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Birthday Sketch Stream Compilation :iconspooky-gh0st:SPOOKY-GH0ST 135 5
[COM] Tank Full of Bliss! by Snow-chanDA [COM] Tank Full of Bliss! :iconsnow-chanda:Snow-chanDA 432 66 [CM] 89 by Wosda [CM] 89 :iconwosda:Wosda 268 4
I fave a lot of dumb kink fuel art and maybe occasionally something not so kinky


Since I did my last journal in Nov 2016 figured I'd get another one out of the way to sum up my winter for everyone 

As you all know I was doing group therapy for awhile, I'm in debt 2000+ dollars thanks to that now but it helped my outlook a bit. Made me realize I'm not the only self loathing piece of shit in Indiana.

Video games distract me too much, sorry
I'm always available to chat with on discord or skype if anyone likes, just ask but I have my details publicly on profile.
I quit Papa Johns to work at Wal-mart. Big fucking mistake. Wal-mart paid excellently but the way they treat their employees is absolutely next to slavery. My Papa John's is under ownership of one of the previous managers who I worked with for quite awhile. He offered me my job back for the exact wage wal-mart hired me at for similar hours. So now I'm back at Papa John's with almost full time hours, the job is shit sometimes but honestly I know the job well, I love my co-workers there, only downside is some shitty busy times and customers I get sometimes. I've been praised for how well I work there on a near constant basis. I was juggling both that job and wal-mart for awhile but I full on left wal-mart after being treated like shit there. One of the managers and supervisors there did however understand, and supported me leaving the place. They hate it there too.

I'm still on a shitload of meds. I'm a bipolar fuck and one moment I'll be the nicest chattiest guy on earth and the next i'll be a huge dick who gets triggered over someone breathing my way funny.
I'm writing slowly, very slowly. Sorry
I'm kinda sorta open for RPs but i'm slow af on them, sorry.
Comms closed until I clear backlog (lol)
Trades and collab ideas are welcome, if interested.
I really want a fucking pet bird again, I miss my old budgie from my childhood and I really want a parrot or budgie as a pet again. : ((((((
I'm still at a crossroads where to go in my life, everywhere I look people my age or people I went to school with are like married or engaged or have kids on the way and live alone or with a loved one with awesome careers. Meanwhile here I am being a degenerate fat bastard in my mother's basement on fucking deviantart playing video games working at a papa john's making pizzas and cleaning expensive kitchen equipment for a living. I'm scum.
My previous girlfriend who I was excited over and talked to on a near daily basis dumped me on christmas eve :^) I'm less than scum
I have a fucking awful life style, I eat the worst unhealthiest shit at most random times and never eat regular meals, I have very little physical activity, I have terrible insomnia that sleep meds barely help with, I have constant chest pains that the doctor told me is probably muscle related which will come and go, i either get too much sleep or not enough sleep, I never get out of the house anymore like I used to (it's cold af and everything is expensive), I haven't socialized with any RL friends i've met over the last year and a half at all in months, I used to regularly go to a gaming center by me but I don't anymore cause I don't want to spend the money or just go out in public, I haven't done anything with any of the people I met from my group therapy like I kept telling them I would. I have their phone numbers and they have mine and we all have each other added on facebook, I just neglect to do anything or take part in any of their group get togethers they do, they always message me and ask me to come as well.
I feel a tad bit better about myself since the therapy but i'm always down still, I'm not suicidal anymore, just sad that I'm not the guy I could be or want to be and that I make zero effort to do so.


so yeah that's what's been up.

Comms owed to:


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if i forgot you please contact me
  • Listening to:
  • Reading: My medical bills :^)
  • Watching: Uchuu Sentai Kyuuranger
  • Playing: Banished
  • Eating: Taco Bell
  • Drinking: Monster Energy drinks

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I'm a piece of shit who writes awful things


Skype: Metallicvalor


any advice on how to get me back into writing/role playing? My focus and motivation are beyond shot and shattered. 
Whatever happened to that monthly waifu thing you cool artists did for like four months
    >be me, 25 year old living in mothers basement with mom, half sister, and grandma >fat neckbeard virgin social introvert >bullied in highschool was too afraid to enroll in college and socially conditioned to expect the worst >finished high school online several years back >I used to love to write and I can barely find the focus, patience, drive, and motivation to do it anymore >love video games but find most of my old games boring and I'm too broke to afford switch, ps4, xbone, or new pc so all my vidya is on a budget shit breaking laptop and 3ds. (Have a few old consoles I'm too lazy to plug in) >resort to tinder for awful dates that never end well >can't exist or socially be alive without the heavy anti depressants I'm on, my insurance boots me off next year >4000 dollar medical debt >work 30 to 40 hours a week cooking pizza for 9 bucks an hour >all my best friends are long distance I met over the internet >4 failed suicide attempts in the last three years >I literally have no future >my only solace in life is video games, helping ungrateful people, reading, heavily drinking along with my anti depressants, and wanking >I relate with fictional 2d characters in visual novels more than I do with real human beings >i want to change but whenever I try shit goes awfully and I revert full circle Kill me it's one of those reflect on how shitty i am days
best idea/scenario for WG/expansion given to me in the comments here may be written as a warm up short story to help me ease back into writing no promises but i need some ideas
it's only the cold that I feel

It's me that i spite as i stand up and fight 


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